I found out that you can rotate images on the iOS Tumblr app. Neat-o! But it freezes if you play around with it too much (i.e., rotating and scaling nonstop for a few minutes). Maybe this is old news because I never use the tumblr app…


Found this young man leaning against a tree in Boston Commons, writing in a notebook: “It’s sort of hip hop, sort of poetry,” he said.

I asked him if I could photograph a page.

I pray for peace, I search for love,
I hope you hear me out cuz no one ever does;

we gotta stick together all we got is us;
we can’t stop the negative unless we
spread the peace and love;

Step outside of self, step into the world; notice
how everything we do affects the future boys and girls;
hate crimes happen every damn day;
got my momz scared 
my sister can’t go out to play,
because her fear is that some psycho 
feels like snatching kids today
all these damn police but people still ain’t feeling safe;

Why does it take a tragedy to bring people
together; we know its bound to happen,

we should try to stay that way forever;
now this is not to say I’m better;
but at a young age I learned that birds fly together;
it’s a survival tactic and I suggest we use it
let’s come together, as we spread the peace
and love music

In the upper right corner, are the names of the first two victims of the bombing. “I wrote them first for inspiration,” he said.




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